3 Programs We Help MD Families With:

1. Special Mobility Equipment – Any mobility device which helps increase accessibility for the home or vehicle. Scooters, powerchairs, home modifications, accessible vehicle modifications, ramps, lifts, AFO’s, stair lifts etc.



2. Dream Creator – A program that aims to fulfill lifelong dreams for children (ages 18 and under) directly affected by MD.  Past Dream Creator’s include: Walt Disney World vacation, Washington Redskins meet-n-greet, WNBA Courtney Clements meet-n-greet, Clay Matthews meet-n-greet/Green Bay Packers weekend, Swimming with Dolphins/ Cruise to Nassau Bahamas, Chad Szeliga from Breaking Benjamin meet-n-greet, Luke Skywalker and Star Wars appearance and any other dream we can make come true!




3. Accessibility Assistance – A research service for finding accessible travel, hotels, airlines, sports venues and anywhere you want to go! Going on vacation and need help finding the best accessible travel? We can help!