CRL Good Life Foundation grants 2nd research project to C3

With efforts to find a cure for this disgusting disease, we’ve made our 2nd research grant to Coalition to Cure Calpain3 (C3). C3 works directly with the world’s top scientists to find a cure for Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy type 2a or Calpainopathy. (Cliff’s MD type) Here’s to finding a cure and “To the Good Life”!

Coalition to Cure Calpain sends a BIG THANK YOU to our friends John Graybill of Beyond Labels & Limitations and Clifton Lewis of CRL Good Life Foundation for their generous grants to accelerate research focused on curing LGMD2A/calpainopathy. Together, we will make a difference fighting this disease which impacts all of us. Together, we will work toward “overcoming weakness with strength”.  WHAT A GREAT WAY TO START OUR FUNDRAISING YEAR!

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