Ballislife writes article about 3rd Annual CRL Good Life Foundation Celebrity Game & Dunk Contest

Article —-> http://ballislife.com/best-alley-oop-pass-ever-pat-the-roc-kick-pass-off-the-backboard-to-g-smith-for-the-dunk/

Ballislife writes:

Back in early March, a lot of casual basketball fans said they saw the best alley-oop pass ever when Jamal Crawford made a between the legs pass to Blake Griffin who finished the oop off with a windmill.   Everytime I heard best, I said you must not know of Pat The Roc’s trademark kick pass.   Most didn’t and most of you reading this haven’t seen it either.

This past weekend at the Clifton R. Lewis Good Life Celebrity game, Pat The Roc connected with G-Smith (the best dunker in the world  that you don’t know about) with one of those trademark kick oops and I think you will agree that the difficulty level on the pass and dunk is second to none.


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