Team Good Life

Cliff is originally from Nanticoke, Pennsylvania, an ex-athlete, high school class president and college graduate. While working out at his college’s gym, he noticed the strength in his right bicep was fading rapidly and his legs were getting weaker. After seeing 10 different neurologists, in 2006, at the age of 25, he was officially diagnosed with Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy (LGMD2A). Clifton and his family were devastated to learn of his diagnosis of a disease without any treatment options or even a cure. He knew he had to quickly get involved with the MD community by becoming a leader in funding for research and helping others across the country to live a better life. In the fall of 2010, he along with his little sister, Lauren Lewis founded the Clifton R. Lewis Good Life Foundation to help families with MD to live “The Good Life”. 

“Keep impacting lives, great job”

Mark Jackson (NBA Legend)

“Thanks for allowing me to be a part of The Good Life Foundation”

Steve Mclendon (#90 Pittsburgh Steelers)

“We gotta keep working together”

Steve Gleason (ALS advocate/#37 New Orleans Saints)

In just five years, we helped over 85 families with special equipment, made 10 very special children’s dreams come true and funded research for a cure! Our goal for 2016 is to help 30 families, fund more research and make 6 children’s dreams come true! We are a Phoenix Suns Community Assist Partner, awarded the Ebay Give Team grant, awarded the CHASE Community Giving Program grant and twice awarded the Wells Fargo Community Partners Program grant. If you would like to volunteer for our foundation please contact us!



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